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Máquinas & Accesorios Reballing

BGA Rework RE-7500

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REF JV-001/002   PVP 1,050,00 € + Iva
Features and Specifications
• Dark infrared ceramic emitters: both the reflow and the pre-heating source are IR emitters in range from 2µm to 8µm wavelength. It suites most of the components and application materials (plastic, ceramic, aluminum …etc.).
• Compatible for tough lead free applications.
• Safe for the adjacent components.
• Homogeneous heat distribution.
• Controlled and focused heating range through upper heater reflectors.
• Efficient for future sophisticated technologies in IC packages and soldering alloys design and materials.
• Heaters are German made with more than 100000 working hours – 3 years in average
• Laser pointer ensures the heating energy delivered towards the target area precisely and accurately.
• Pick–up tool facilitates the component removal very safe with complete control, whatever the component temperature is.
• Temperature reader equipped with a sensitive thermo couple for a real time temperature reading with tolerance of +/-2°C.
• Three operating modes: manual mode, software control mode and process stages profiling mode.
• Built in cooling fan fitted in advanced mechanical design to provide safe indirect cooling source for reworked application.
• Boards X/Y table: equipped with the machine in free portable movement design for unlimited usages, serves application preparation and rework.
• Body and components: built from high quality components and materials that guarantee long life durability and user safety.
• Warranty: one year from the date of purchase with lifetime full application support and technical support.

BGA Rework RE-8500

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REF JV-003/004   PVP 1,350,00 € + Iva
Features and Specifications
• BGA rework Multiple profiling options (standard lead-free, standard leaded and user define).
• Wide lower heating area (500mmx 450mm).
• Five channels thermocouple real time temperature reading.
• Process & profile analyzer for complete process study and control.
• Accurate temperature readings of +/- 2°C.
• Alarm set point to increase the process safety and control.
• Equipped with many types of reflectors for focusing and spotting the upper heater heating area.
• Password protection for data and settings lock.
• High ramp preheating and reflow up to 2.5°C/sec.
• Optimum heating with 3 controlled heating zones.
• Ideal application cooling phase in two methods optionally direct and indirect air flow, adjustable airflow power fan.
• All Windows multi lingual OS.

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